Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wish's Word of the Week- February 8

Wish's Word of the Week

Noun, pronounced UH-bib-lee-oh-FOH-bee-uh
Wish's Definition: Someone who has an abibliophobia is someone who is afraid of running out of things to read. In my opinion, this is quite a terrifying idea. No more reading...*Shudders* That would be AWFUL! 

"Smart" Doesn't Exist

Yep. You read that right. Smart is not a real thing. It has no meaning. It is a useless adjective. You know why? It's actually very simple. When someone calls someone else "smart", they mean you have high intelligence. The problem is, everyone has high intelligence. Everyone is brilliantly ingenious in their own way. "Smart" applies to every single person (and animal, for that matter) on this planet, because everybody is knowledgeable about something. There is not a single person who can be considered not "smart", because everybody has something they know about. For some people, it's learning new languages. Some people know a lot about String Theory, some know a lot about how to play the timpani. Some may know about climbing trees, or designing new styles of boots. Still others know about canoeing, gerbil breeding, or refurnishing bathrooms. And yet for some reason, some people can't appreciate that. For some, the only kind of "smart" that exists is the kind in a classroom- and that is completely and utterly untrue. "Smart" is everywhere. "Smart' isn't something that singles out people, oh no. "Smart" encompasses all of us. Every. Single. One.