Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wish's Words of the Week (Deluxe Edition)

Ah! I done goofed, everybody! I totally forgot to give you all a word of the week this week, and that's bad! So, please enjoy this double dose of weekly word fun, and I'll make sure to not miss another WotW anytime soon. ;)

Wish's Word of the Week


Verb, pronounced muh-ff-ed 
Wish's Definition: When you do something clumsily or badly, like, for example, forgetting to give your readers their weekly vocab. This dignified term is often used in American football (for instance: a muffed punt) and not really anywhere else as far as I know. But hey, now anytime you screw up, or need to apologize for something, you can just say that you "muffed", and that's a reward in itself.

Wish's Other Word of the Week


Noun, pronounced boon-dog-uhl
Wish's Definition: An unnecessary or trivial activity that wastes time, like searching up pictures of various fandom characters on the Internet, and doing so for hours. In other words, its a perfect excuse for your parents when you're caught dilly-dallying.
"Sorry, Mom, I was just boondoggling! It won't happen again, promise."